Welcome to Year 1

2020 - Class 1P

Teacher: Mrs H. Pasquale - Email: hpasquale@collingwood.school

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Meet the teacher

Year 1 and 2 Meet the Teachers 2020.pptx

Our first two days

We have had a busy couple of days, getting used to our new classroom and the new routine. All of the children have shown patience, good listening skills and the ability to adapt quickly. A huge well done to you all!

Over the next few weeks we will be working really hard to see where each child is. We call this a baseline assessment, but it basically means that we will be looking at what they know and what they can do within Reading, Writing and Mathematics, as well as making sure that their well-being is high and everyone is happy.

We have already spoken about the rules we need to have in order to keep everyone safe; with all of the children adding their ideas making decisions for the class. The display will be ready soon and I'll make sure this is shared on Tapestry.

Speaking of Tapestry... I will continue to add key information on Tapestry, just as we did in EYFS. I'd like every parent to make sure that they still have access and get back to me as soon as they can if there are any problems. Please contact me via email to let me know of any difficulties.

I will update this webpage every week, so please also watch this space too!

Don't forget, our Reading eggs app is a fantastic resource, if you need you login details, please email me and I will send them to you. Each week there will be an assignment for your child to complete. There are phonic games and lots of activities to use to support your child's reading development.